Qui est CBAA - est-ce une façade scientologue?



Note: Il va de soi que c'est une façade de plus de la secte scientologie, façade qui donne un grand nombre de noms de société et d'individus supposés l'aider. Parmi les individus, on trouve nombre de gens dont certains sont en effet connus pour leur coupable indulgence vis-à-vis du système maffieux scientologue. Il est impossible de savoir s'ils ont accepté de voir leur noùm cité en corrélation avec le gang scientologue..


"Concerned Businessmen's
Association of America"

(leur site original: www.cbaa.org, d'où sont tirées les données de cette page)

(en français, ça donnerait quelque chose comme "Association des hommes d'affaires américains soucieux/concernés")

13428 Maxella Avenue, Suite 249
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

Phone: (310) 764-2090 or
            (310) 821-8073
Fax:     (310) 639-5185 or
            (310) 821-2198

Les véritables raisons d'être de CBAA existent pourtant: on les trouve assez bien dans les citations ou liens du site de cbaa.

Qui est sa présidente?

Une certaine Barbara Ayash, dont le site scientologue existe depuis longtemps

http://www.our-home.org/barbaraayash Barbara Ayash

Que recommande la dame Ayash?

l'achat de livres de L. Ron Hubbard, gourou escroc international condamné en, France à quatre années de prison ferme, fondateur de la scientologie.

Chose étrange, cette dame aurait été élue "International Woman of the Year 1993-1994", mais aucune page non-scientologue ne confirme cette déclaration (voir par exemple en demandant les mots clés: sur le moteur de recherche: http://www.google.com/search : cambridge biographical association ayash

Voici par exemple une liste des participants stars parmi lesquelles une bonne part de stars, célébrités, ou organisations scientologues, extraite du site de CBAA.

Acknowledgements & Endorsements

Celebrity Participation

Jennifer Aspen
Amanda Ambrose

Tai Babilonia
Billy Carter
Nancy Cartwright
Marie Cheatham
Tony Danza
Tim Donnelly
Jenna Elfman
Kim Fields
Randy Gardner
Paul Gonzales
Ilene Graff
Dan Haggerty
Albert Hague
Alex Haley
Isaac Hayes
Joey Lawrence
Mathew Lawrence
Ted McGinley
Jim Meskimen
Jeff Pomerantz

Lee Purcell
Leah Remini
Patrick Renna
Willie T. Ribbs
Giovanni Ribisi
Michael Roberts
Robert Stack Family
John Travolta
Jane Windsor
Natasha Carroll
Danny Cooksey
Tonya Crowe
Jason Harvey
David Mendenhall
Marissa Mendenhall
Alfonso Ribiero
Shavar Ross
Tina Yothers
Celebrity Centre International
Celebrities Against Drugs -

CAD Kids

Celebrity Speakers

Peter Grace - Grace Company
Jack Anderson - Washington Post
Buck Rogers - IBM

Notons qu'une autre page du site dit:

Au cours des 18 années écoulées, par lettre, via les juges ou les porte-parole, des célébrités connues nationalement ont aidé et encouragé les enfants à s'impliquer {dans un programme également scientologue, ndt). Il y avait entre autres:John Travolta, Tony Danza, the Robert Stack Family, Albert Hague, Kim Fields, Jane Windsor, Lee Purcell, Dan Haggerty, Nancy Cartwright (the voice of Bart Simpson), Isaac Hayes, Jenna Elfman, Jennifer Aspen, Leah Remini, Patrick Renna, Giovanni Ribisi, Michael Roberts and Shar Jackson, ainsi que des sportifs de haut niveau comme Tai Babilonia and Randy Gardner, médaillés olympiques and Willie T. Ribbs, coureur automobile.

ou encore:

Acknowledgements & Endorsements

Recognition & Moral Support

Kenneth Hahn, Los Angeles County Supervisor
Monsignor C. Sepe - Assessor to Pope John Paul II

Une autre page donne quelques éléments supplémentaires:

Acknowledgements & Endorsements

Companies & Organizations


ABLE International
Allied Signal Corporation
Applied Scholastics lnternational
Atlantic Richfield Oil
Century Federal Savings
Copy Central
Criminon, International
Dunn Edwards Paints
Emilie Kong Studio
Entertainment Industry Council
Executive Software International
Farmers Insurance Group
Glendale Business Association
Globe Restraunt Group
Goodyear Blimp
Hatachi America
Holiday Inns

Home Savings and Loan
International Bedding
International Business Machines
International Paper Co.
Jaffee & Soeder
Kid Sister Productions
Knowlton Organ Company
Narconon International
Marin Environmental
MasterTech Computer Products
McDonald's Operators - CA
Mini Computer Business Applications
Mr. Jim's Pizza
Nationwide Reporting
Pressman Printing
Rockwell International

Rigney Graphics
RSVP - The Lippman's
Sinclair Paints
Singer Enterprises
Jon Soeder Design
Sterling Management
Simmons Mattress
Sit - N - Sleep Furniture
The Way to Happiness Foundation
Waste Technology Services
Weingart Foundation
Westinghouse Broadcasting
World of Sleep
Xerox Corportion
The Yellow Pages
And 6,043 family-owned businesses across the U.S.

Nota du webmaster: observez les noms en brun: ces noms ont-ils été mis pour faire croire que IMB, ou Mc Do, ou Motorola -au lieu de "Motorala"- Xerox corportion au lieu de Xerox Corporation, avaliseraient la CBAA?

Une autre encore, mais cette fois, les scientologues n'ont pas pris des noms qu'on retrouve -pour l'instant- dans leurs diverses listes.:

National Set A Good Example Contest Judges

Here are what a few of the judges who have participated during the past two decades had to say about the Children's Set A Good Example Campaign and School Contest Program:


Al Mejia, Community Affairs Director,
Rockwell International


"The Set A Good Example Contest reassures us that the values we hold highest are not being forgotten. Many people are still willing to invest their time and their hearts in our youth. It feels good to know that they care."

Dan Patton,
V.P. Saatchi & Saatchi DFS/Pacific


"Working in crime prevention can be exhausting and depressing, but having the opportunity to see the extraordinary projects reflecting such creativity, goodwill and compassion emanating from our school children gives me a freshly inspirational perspective and a feeling of optimism for the future."

Linda Kalaydjian, Public Affairs,
Inglewood, California Police Department


"This program continues to be a valuable 'tool' for today's youth and is shaping the posture of our society. However, there is more to do. We must all participate in contributing to the moral education of our youth, who are the future of our country. The increasing violence in our schools, on our televisions, on video and on the web is an incredible amount of negative programming. By sharing a common sense guide for better living, and by helping more schools and children participate in the Set A Good Example Contests we can be a more positive influence on our future."

Chief Joe Tejeira,
Los Angeles Fire Department


"This program is perhaps the most positive and effective program in use today to help eliminate crime and violence from our schools as well as boost academic achievements and boost morale. I have personally reviewed the evidence and am very happy to see the many kids and families and schools that have benefited from the contests and specifically from The Way to Happiness book. With more schools and children involved, I see this program affecting this country in a positive way."

Jim Meskiman - Actor,
How the Grinch Stole Christmas

autre (dès les premières lignes, on trouve surtout des scientologues connus)

Acknowledgements & Endorsements

Moral Leadership Sponsors

Dr. and Mrs. Alex Alemis
Andy Apodaca Family
Eric Armando
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Atkinson
Dr. and Mrs. Chris Ault
Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd Austin
Dr. Cynthia Bailey

John Paul Bakshoian
Mr. Binh Vuong
Dr. Delwynn Turnipseed-Bailey
Dr. Harold Barbee
Dr. and Mrs. Jim Beck
Dr. and Mrs. Joel Benk
Dr. and Mrs. Eric Berg
David and Sherri Brier
Dr. Gary Camp
Dr. Cheryl Caputo
Mike Carrell
Mr. and Mrs. Iz Chait
Dr. Michael Charles
Dr. Allen Cheng
Tino Cipri
Dr. Charles Clements
Mr. and Mrs. Kieth Collins
Louis Colon
Judy Corbo
Dr. Jeff Cronk
Dr. and Mrs. Myron Culberson
Dr. Elliott De Mello
Dr. Brian Dawson
Mrs. Sandy Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Dirmann
Chet Eccles
Dr. Louis "Bud" Farr
Feshbach Brothers
Dr. Bernard Fialkoff
Dr. Brian Foley
Dr. Abe Gerschonowitz
Dr. Jill Hagen
Rick Henley
Dr. Richard Inglis
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Jensen
Mr. and Mrs. Byrd Jessup
Dr. Joseph Jurgevich
Drs. Ken and Mauri Karger
Dr. Christine Kasle
Dr. D. J. Kaup
Dr. R. J. Kelly
Dr. Paul Krynen
Dr. Joseph Lawless
Julia Lee
Dr. and Mrs. Larry Leong
Dr. and Mrs. Arlen Lieberman
Dr. Michael Liska
Dr. Phyllis Mack
Dr. and Mrs. Dino J. Mantis
Paul Marin
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Marx
Mr. and Mrs. Brent McDaniel
Dr. and Mrs. Leo McCormick
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Matievich
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Meyer
Dr. Kim Moore
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Morley
Alan Poore
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Oxaal
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Palmquist
Dr. Cheryl Peterein
Dr. Jim Pinkerton
Vaughn Prost
Dr. Jennifer Jensen Rapp
Dr. Larry Recor
Ms. Linda Rosen
Jim and Chery Reeves
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Seaman
Jiten Shah
Dr. Gene Snead
Dr. Robert Snyder
Dr. Jim Speiser
Dr. and Mrs. J.I Superville
Dr. and Mrs. John Sushko
Dr. Vivian Teegarten
Dr. and Mrs. Tom Trimberger
The Ungarsohn Family
Dr. and Mrs. Juan Villarreal
Lynn Ward
Dr. and Mrs. Terry Wiley
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Wilson
Dr. Barbara Womack
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Wright