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Contradictions hubbardiennes, ou simples trahisons après plagiat?

Hubbard's contradictions, or mere treasons after plagiarism?

extrait du livre d'Hubbard "Science de la Survie", 1951:


Quote from, Hubbard, Modern Managemement dictionary, first edition 1976




the first organization of Dn in the
United States. (5510C08) 2. the basic organization
of Dn is the
Hubbard Dianetic Research Founda-
This organization was first put together by
myself in Elizabeth, New Jersey, and duplicate
directorate corporations (same directors in each
state) were organized in such states as California,
Illinois, Hawaii and so on. These various corpora-
tions were all the same corporation. This is the
Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation..../...

Foundation. (5410C04) 4. there are two corporate
groups. Why do we say groups? Because each one
of these organizations
(HDRF and HASI) has
certain dependencies; other affiliated organiza-
tions. If you see this as two positive groups you'll
have a good grip on the entire picture of organiza-
tion of this. The one group, the oldest group
headed by the
Hubbard Dianetic Research Foun-
has two appendant groups. It has been in
these two businesses for a long time. It was
interested in civil defense and was doing things
about civil defense. Those activities have been
pooled together in an allied affiliate corporation
known as the American Society of Civilian De-
fense. It knows Dn works and says so loudly. That
organization stands 100% behind Dn as the only
process it would even vaguely use on hysterical or
distressed people.
The other is the Freudian
Foundation of America organized to be a free offer
to any of the people in Russian-held Vienna who

wish to take advantage of it. It is the only
authorized agency of any kind in the United States
authorized to use the name and works of Sigmund
Freud. All other Freudian Foundations have no
charter or franchise from the old Master. Nobody
has. But we have one from the Freudian Institute
of Vienna, which makes us the only legal Freudian
Foundation. This organization knows that as a
sequence to the great work of Sigmund Freud, Dn
is the solution to psychoanalysis and it freely says
so. So we have the
Hubbard Dianetic Research
being ably supported by the Freudian
Foundation of America and by the American
Society of Civilian Defense. (Civilian defense is
simply the eight dynamics). /



Couverture du magazine scientologue Impact n° 41 (1991) (Cover of Impact 40, 1991)

Extrait de:

(Adapté de la LRH ED 178 Int du 30 mai 1972), auteur Hubbard

L'idée de saisir les significations des mots de façon conceptuelle est quelque chose de nouveau dans le domaine de la linguistique. Les interminables cercles de sémantique menés par Korzybski et compagnie (voir le n° 1 de la Série sur les données, L'Anatomie de la pensée) n'ont jamais conduit qui que se soit à se rendre compte qu'un mot et sa signification sont renfermés dans le concept ou l'idée de base symbolisés par ce mot."

The idea of grasping word meanings conceptually is something new to the field of Linguistics. The endless Semantic circles pursued by Korzybski and company (see Data Series 1, "The Anatomy of Thought") never really led to the realization that a word and its meanings are embodied in the basic concept or idea symbolized by that word.