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En rapport avec la scientologie et les sectes: les "rencontres internationales" bidon des pro-sectaires: personne n'a été invité chez les anti-sectaires.

That's a presentation of the speakers invited to this meeting about what some US congressmen call "religious tolerance".

Some were already present while meeting in april the President Alain Vivien of the French Interministerial Mission to Combat Cults:

-Jeremy T Gunn - USIP (US institute of peace)
-David Little USIP
-Karen Lord, CSCE staff (Congrès)
Was also present then M. Parmly de l'Ambassade US

M. Gunn is well known as someone holding very displaced speeches against France in september 99 in OSCE. French Embassy has protested already.

Reiterating, M. Gunn - despite the fact he's no longer a member of the US delegation, has still used inflamatory speeches against France and french positions, lying overtly before the US congress during its 14th june 2000 hearing. This was presided by M. Gilman, already known for his declarations favouring the scientology cult, and already a signatory of the letter adressed to Lord Russell Johnston, president of the EU assembly before the EU council. That letter tried to get rid of the discussions about the EU resolution 1412 presented by the EU deputy Nastase against cults illegal behaviours.

M. Seiple, Embassador for the USA, has given a far more subtle/nuanced declaration before the same US congress committee's hearings.

David Little looks to be completely scientology-acquired, as he has signed many "open letters" to the french president or prime Minister in newspapers, in France or in USA.

He would now be a member of a "religious group", having therefore now a lesser position in this group of apologists.

Karen Lord has always been since a member of the CSCE staff, has spoken before the BIDDH in Vienna, and has always had a defending line favouring any "religious" group. She's also a friend of Massimo Introvigne. Massimo Introvigne has insisted a lot of times in writing to know why the french mission had supposed that she was a member of a cult -specifically, of scientology; it looks that it was a desinformation having been overtaken trhoughy different channels. Both will speak into ex-USSR countries to penetrate the idea there of accepting any "religion". Neither Introvigne nor Lord has ever said a word criticizing any criminal cult. Part of these meetings are to be done in Lettonia, and will attack France positions against criminal cults.

The meeting on july 13th in Lettonia should be under the presidence of John Graz, a swiss journalist and activist writing from time to time in "Conscience et Liberté", a magazine of evangelist inspiration. He's a pro-cultic activist. His organization: http://www.irla.com/organization.html

Bruce Casino, Herbert Jentzsch, and probably Joseph Grieboski are scientologists. Jentzsch is the president of scientology international, and is under arrest from spanish justice.


Invites you to a discussion of

The State vs. Religion in France:
New Legislation Threatens Religious Liberty in France

A new, "anti-sect" bill passed by the French National Assembly represents the
latest effort of extremists in France to pass repressive legislation designed
to infringe upon the rights of religious believers and to restrict the growth
of 173 "blacklisted" groups, including Southern Baptists, Jesuits,
Seventh-day Adventists, Scientologists, Mormons and Unificationists, by
manufacturing a means to ban disfavored religions from France. According to the bill, it "intends to provide individuals and the public authorities alike with new causes of action to allow them to paralyze the activities of cult organizations and render them harmless." While such language denotes a desire to protect the lives and interests of the French people, in reality
this law limits and restricts the rights of all French people to practice
their beliefs as they wish. There is a great deal of interest and concern
over these recent initiatives in the French Parliament, as measures against
any religious or faith community in a free society will effect the lives of
countless believers, not only in France, but around the world.

Date: Thursday, July 13, 2000
Time: 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Where: 116 O'Neill House Office Building

Speakers include:

President, International Coalition for Religious Freedom

Secretary General, International Religious Liberty Association

President, Institute on Religion and Public Policy

Independent Scholar, and Member, OSCE Panel of Experts on Religion

President, Church of Scientology International

Counsel for Freedom of Religion, Commission on Security and Cooperation in


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