Planting plants and spies by the scientology cult


This document showing that an upper executive had already used spies - plants from the cult into the American Medical association, Intelligence division, and into the National association of Mental Health, NAMH.

Here, this executive asks to find out a "plant" who could have been sent by the United Nations Security Council. That shows a lot about the paranoïa reigning in scientology secret services.

The document, a very bad copy, is dated of feb 12, 1968.

handwritten parts:

"Cross: Fielder, Larry

and , from another hand:

File intell, confid!!!"

[M2?] WUS

Dear Bob,

For your Information, Intelligence US has the following projects currently underway. (J) Investigation of John Cole and related terminals. Investigation has progressed to a point where it seems very likely John Cole was sent to the organization by Larry Fielder of the Mental Health Association of Los Angeles. (2) Mapping out or the separated organizations of the NAMH and NIMH so that they can be located by simply looking on a master map. (3) Investigation for a plant in either ASHO, L.A. or AOLA. Plant would be from United Nations Security Council. (4). Finding out and reporting on any future meetings of MAMH or personel belonging to that organization. (5) Narcotics scene in Las Vegas and it would
appe [end of line, word missing] possibly L.A. (ASHO). There are other projects going but these are minor [next word, missing] the above take up the majority of attention and time.

In addition to this I would like to get the following
facilit [end of word missing] for this office, Kathy Talent and one male agent. Bob Kyper contacted me today and indicated he wanted to work with me very much. I have already presented a breakdown of weekly expenses I would like to receive for the office $35. I would like that to start coming in this week.

I would like an ED issued appointing me to the post of Intell. U.S. , the ED also pointing out that the command line is to me, up to you and then over to WW.


In the past I have found that the best way to obtain data is through the use of plants. I have managed to get plants into the American Medical Association, Iintelligence Division and the local chapter of NAMH. While the first plant is no longer with the AMA, her stay there did provid useful information. This line is by far our best and strongest line and of all our activities, this one should be developed to its utmost. I ther would like an O.k. to continually employ such individuals,
wh-n [sic] I can find them, train them and sand them out on their missions. For pay I would like to be able to guarantee them whatever course or upper level type [barred word] cour [end of word missing] they are ready for. For most of them it would bo the SHSBC. I feel this is cheap enough for someone to spend six or seven months in the camp of the enemy, working as an agent. Please give me a yes or no on this. Again, this is our strongest and best line and should be developed to its upmost.