Why do scientologists critic everybody else?



(from HCOB Sept 64 issue II, "PTPs Overts and ARC Breaks" and 4 April AD 15, "ARC breaks and Missed Withholds")

Resumed, all Hubbard said here is:

"On the bottom of ARC breaks is a missed withhold";

Which, translated in normal language, means:

Before any anger, distress or sadness about someone or something could happen, there must have been some negative activity against that person, thing etc. for that anger, distress etc to happen.

Now, if one looks about this regarding scientology and every scientologists, one could find that they can't refrain from complaining/being "ARC broken" against almost everyone, everything and everybody not being scientologist.

Even Hubbard could'nt refrain from complaining about government, politics, human beings, or ... scientologists themselves, as demonstrated by thousands of his own texts.

So, that's, according their viewpoint, the proof of overts and missed withholds against these "terminals" (persons, beings, things, govts etc).

No way for them to escape the ineluctability of this: it has been said/written times after times by their god-Hubbard.

Corollary: Scientologists are running a continual overt/missed withhold on everybody, most obvious while they complain and whine and lie about everybody and everyone not a scientologist.

Further: "Critic comes from Missed Withholds, since criticizing is an attempt to diminish the size of an overt [sin]" ).

Be it like this , as it's in their own scriptchurdches. They are criticizing everybody everywhere, but scientologist (though they are criticizing them internally as well!). What's that means? That they have overts against anybody anywhere.